Brand Diagnostic

Clarify the state of your brand.
Prioritize smart investments. 
Benchmark your progress.


The New Kind Brand Diagnostic is designed to deliver data-backed insight into the health of your brand.

Built by New Kind's team of open source, B2B tech, and SaaS brand strategists, this quick-start offering evaluates every aspect of your brand across 150 unique factors.

Uncover strategic gaps. Highlight growth opportunities. Get the data you need to make the case for new initiatives. Make your brand as measurable as the other aspects of your operations.

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If you're faced with:
  • Confusion about how your organization’s purpose, personality, and positioning impact your reputation
  • Uncertainty about the efficacy of your marketing efforts
  • Questions about which elements of your brand may be contributing to your bottom line or holding you back
  • Lack of clarity about how your messaging and visual systems can support each other
A Brand Diagnostic can help:
  • Align your team and provide clear direction to drive growth
  • Assess the health of the most critical elements of your brand—so you understand how they impact your marketing strategy
  • Give you a low-investment way to start building a strong brand foundation
  • Establish benchmarks to measure your brand’s progress

A two-week sprint led by New Kind brand experts


We schedule an introductory call to discuss your goals


You send us the materials that best represent your brand


New Kind strategists analyze the provided materials and assets


We measure the health of your brand across 150 factors


New Kind shares actionable insights in a 1-hour digital workshop

Trusted by tech leaders


Interested in a Brand Diagnostic? Let's talk.